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Hang Ugan’s name means the native (Ogan Person). Ogan is the name of the district in South Sumatra. Ogan itself is divided into two, namely Ogan Komering Ulu and Ogan Komering Ilir.

Hang Ugan comes from the village of Bandar Agung district Ogan Komering Ulu which is within 6 hours from the city of Palembang. The villagers of Bandar Agung every day work as rubber farmers, but on the sidelines of their spare time, they make a skull made of fern sticks (resam).

The main material of woven resam is a fern plant which is one of the endemic plants in the area. Currently, the growth of palm oil plantation is beginning to grow. The impact was also felt in the village of Bandar Agung. Ferns that grow in the area of oil palm plantations began to be considered as a weed. Therefore, this is an opportunity with a mutually beneficial relationship for the plantation and the resident craftsmen.

This wicker fern technique has been taught by hereditary inherited by their ancestors as the provision of life that they keep to this day. This can be seen from the diverse age of these craftsmen who are dominated by women.

Through this resam they sure can build hope for their future.


Hang Ugan is a growing entrepreneurship unit established in Baturaja since 2015. its stand-out potential derives from its hereditary strong traditional value from generation to generation. Hang Ugan is so fortunate to be surrounded by Resam, a unique and typical natural resources,is a woven handcraft made of fern stems and abundantly grow in Baturaja surrounding forest. Those ferns fibers are woven manually one by one into various unique products. This deep traditional root makes Hang Ugan has its own unique value.





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